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Description: Feral Pigeon: The feral pigeon is found throughout the United Kingdom and in most other parts of the world. The pigeon is often found in cities such as London. The pigeon is often associated with urban environments and as such is sometimes known as the ’town pigeon’. It is also found in rural situations such as on farms. Pigeons are typically 300 to 350 mm in size, and have blue-grey, red and black plumage. Nests are usually constructed of grass and twigs but sometimes contain rubbish such as pieces of plastic. Feral pigeons tend to scavenge food in cities such as London, often around food premises. Flocks of several hundred birds can be common where spillage is abundant. In urban environments, they are often encouraged by members of the public feeding them.

Biology: Feral Pigeon: Historically, the feral pigeon descended from rock doves which explains why they often nest on buildings in London and other structures in built up areas, under eaves, on ledges and on girders. The peak breeding season is between March and July but feral pigeons are capable of breeding all year round. The brood is usually two off-white eggs laid on consecutive days. Incubation lasts for about 18 days and the hatched chicks are fledged after about 30 days. Another clutch of eggs can be laid when the young are only 20 days old, thus producing up to nine broods per pair per year.

Control: A thorough survey by professional personnel is highly recommended. Pigeons and their droppings make buildings look unattractive and poorly maintained. (As shown below) The droppings can create a slip hazard, and its acidic characteristic eat away at stonework. Pigeon prevention is possible by many approved solutions, Netting, Gelling, Spring Wires, Spike System and Cleaning & Proofing.

A COSHH Assessment on Bird Faeces, Debris and Nesting Materials is carried out for all work involving birds. Click Here for Details.

Fatal Infection from Feral Birds, Click Here for Details.

Pigeon Guano and Debris   Bird Faeces and Debris
Bird Faeces and Debris.

Pigeons, Guano and Debris, and Nesting Materials   Pigeons, Faeces and Debris, and Nesting Materials
Bird Guano/Faeces, Debris and Nesting Materials.

Photos of our Unobtrusive Pigeon Control Systems.
(Bird Netting, Bird Spike System, Bird Sping Wires)

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